In the serene quiet of the morning, as the sun begins to rise, bluebirds begin their
day in the warm bath lovingly prepared for them. Hummingbirds furiously flap their
wings as they drink in the nectar offered to them by the honeysuckle entangled on
the pergola.  Ants assemble in formation to begin their daily mission. A chipmunk
scurries up a tree avoiding a squirrel that has begun his daily pursuit.

As the sunlight breaks through between the shadows of the Norway maple tree, a
rustling is heard. Mumbles in a foreign tongue awaken those buds which have
overslept through the dawn of day. Light footsteps ascend upon the morning dew
which covers the fragile blades of grass. All of nature's precious gifts begin to
whisper to each other as they anticipate her arrival. The begonias' petals begin to
flutter and the fronds of the ferns rise up and down in homage to her arrival. The
chipmunk is still and the butterflies have joined their wings as if in prayer.
It is almost time and all of nature's creatures are silent in anticipation of their
morning worship.


And then they see her, and it is as if life has begun for the very first time. She has arrived and the ceremony begins.  As they are bathed in cool water and sweet song they truly understand how lucky they are to live In Gloria's Garden.

Who is Gloria?

the keeper of the garden

Above photo is the view from her window


In Gloria's Garden

in gloria's garden

my mother